2015 Program Schedule

The second annual Accumulo Summit was held on April 28th–29th, 2015 in College Park, Maryland. </p

Day 1

8:00–9:00 — Main Hall and Chesapeake Salon C
Registration and Breakfast
9:00–10:00 — Potomac
10:00–10:15 — Chesapeake Salon C
Break & Morning Snack
10:15–10:50 — Potomac
Real-Time Distributed and Reactive Systems with Apache Kafka and Apache Accumulo
Joe Stein, Big Data Open Source Security, LLC
Use Case
10:15–10:50 — Chesapeake
HDFS Short Circuit Local Read Performance Benchmarking with Apache Accumulo and Apache HBase
Michael Ridley, Cloudera Government Solutions, Inc.
11:00–10:35 — Potomac
Fraud Analytics using Accumulo, Julia and Fast SQL
Arshak Navruzyan, Argyle Data
Use Case
11:00–10:35 — Chesapeake
11:45–12:20 — Potomac
Building Aggregation Systems on Accumulo
Gadalia O'Bryan, Koverse
Bill Slacum, Koverse
Use Case
11:45–12:20 — Chesapeake
12:30–1:30 — Chesapeake Salon C
Sponsored by ClearEdge IT Solutions
1:30–2:05 — Potomac
1:30–2:05 — Chesapeake
2:15–2:50 — Potomac
Tracing in Accumulo and HDFS
Billie Rinaldi, Hortonworks
2:15–2:50 — Chesapeake
Accumulo In-Depth: Building Bulk Ingest
Eric Newton, SWComplete
2:50–3:30 — Chesapeake Salon C
Break & Afternoon Snack
3:30–4:05 — Potomac
Reactive programming in Accumulo: The Observable WAL
Sapan 'Soup' Shah, Immuta
3:30–4:05 — Chesapeake
Achieving High Performance Results from Accumulo and other Open Source Big Data Frameworks
Doug Gerrelts, General Dynamics Mission Systems
Bill Leinberger, General Dynamics Missions Systems
Josh Elser, Hortonworks
James Maltby, Ph.D., Cray Inc.
4:15–4:50 — Potomac
Zookeeper, Accumulo, and You
Michael Allen, Sqrrl
4:15–4:50 — Chesapeake
Ambari and Accumulo: HDP 2.3 Upcoming Features
Billie Rinaldi, Hortonworks
Josh Elser, Hortonworks
5:00–7:00 — Chesapeake Salon C & Main Hall
Cocktail Hour & Networking
6:00–11:00 — Chesapeake Salon C
Accumulo Hackathon
7:00–8:00 — Potomac
Building the Foundation of Women in Engineering
Jennifer Adams, Chesapeake Regional Tech Council
Kim Bowmaster, INCOSE Chesapeake Chapter Women In System Engineering (WISE)
8:00–9:00 — Potomac
First Ever Apache NiFi Meetup
Joe Witt, Onyara

Day 2

8:00–9:00 — Main Hall and Chesapeake Salon C
Reception and Breakfast
9:00–10:00 — Potomac
10:00–10:30 — Chesapeake Salon C
Break & Morning Snack
10:30–11:05 — Potomac
GeoWave: Geospatial and Geotemporal Data Storage and Retrieval in Accumulo
Eric Robertson, Booz Allen Hamilton
Rich Fecher, RadiantBlue
10:30–11:05 — Chesapeake
Verifiable Responses to Accumulo Queries
Cassandra Sparks, Associate Technical Staff
11:15–11:50 — Potomac
11:15–11:50 — Chesapeake
12:00–1:00 — Chesapeake Salon C
Sponsored by Sqrrl
1:00–2:00 — Main Hall
Break Out Sessions & Vendor Showcase
2:00–2:35 — Potomac
Alternatives to Apache Accumulo's Java API
Josh Elser, Hortonworks
APIs / Frameworks
2:00–2:35 — Chesapeake
Extending Accumulo to Support ABAC using XACML
Gurcan Gercek, Devera Logic
2:45–3:20 — Potomac
Using Fluo to incrementally process data in Accumulo
Michael Walch, Peterson Technologies
APIs / Frameworks
2:45–3:20 — Chesapeake
Rya: Optimizations to Support Real Time Graph Queries on Accumulo
Caleb Meier, Parsons Corporation
APIs / Frameworks
3:30–4:05 — Potomac
Accumulo 2.0: A New Client API
Christopher Tubbs, National Security Agency
APIs / Frameworks
3:30–4:05 — Chesapeake
Using D4M for rapid prototyping of analytics for Apache Accumulo
Vijay Gadepally, Lincoln Laboratory, MIT
Lauren Edwards, Lincoln Laboratory, MIT
Jeremy Kepner, Lincoln Laboratory, MIT
APIs / Frameworks