Accumulo 2.0: A New Client API

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APIs / Frameworks


An overview of the new client API planned for the release of Accumulo 2.0. Problems with the old API are described, along with lessons learned. The benefits of the new API are explained, and code snippets are provided to demonstrate the overall design and contrast it with the old API, in order to assist users interested in transitioning.


Christopher Tubbs
Computer Systems Researcher, National Security Agency
Christopher is a researcher with the National Security Agency. He holds a Bachelor's degree in both Physics and Computer Science from Eastern Michigan University. He is an open source enthusiast and advocate for open source development, as well as data privacy and security. He has been contributing to the Accumulo project since 2009, prior to its release to the Apache Software Foundation in 2011. He is currently a committer and PMC member on the project, and an ASF member, as well as the Accumulo package maintainer for the Fedora project.