Attempting to Answer Unanswerable Questions: Key Management in Accumulo for Encryption at Rest

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The latest release of Accumulo has enhanced support for encryption at rest and in motion thanks to developments such as the pluggable key encryption strategy. Methods and practices to protect and manage encryption keys are left to the user. This talk details methods of protecting and managing encryption keys used for encryption at rest in Accumulo. Methods covered include virtual system and custom schemes as well as the leveraging of newly-released Hadoop features such as native HDFS encryption at rest and the Hadoop Key Management System (KMS) to protect and manage keys.


Anthony Young-Garner
Software Engineer, Cloudera
Anthony Young-Garner joined Cloudera when it acquired the Austin-based security software company Gazzang. In the interim, he and the Gazzang team have been bringing their capabilities in encryption and key management to Hadoop.