Real-Time Distributed and Reactive Systems with Apache Kafka and Apache Accumulo

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Use Case


In this talk we will walk through how Apache Kafka and Apache Accumulo can be used together to orchestrate a de-coupled, real-time distributed and reactive request/response system at massive scale. Multiple data pipelines can perform complex operations for each message in parallel at high volumes with low latencies. The final result will be inline with the initiating call. The architecture gains are immense. They allow for the requesting system to receive a response without the need for direct integration with the data pipeline(s) that messages must go through. By utilizing Apache Kafka and Apache Accumulo, these gains sustain at scale and allow for complex operations of different messages to be applied to each response in real-time.


Joe Stein
Principal Consultant, Big Data Open Source Security, LLC
Joe Stein is an Apache Kafka committer and PMC member. Joe is the Founder and Principal Architect of Big Data Open Source Security LLC a professional services and product solutions company. Joe has been a developer, architect and technologist professionally for 15 years now having built back end systems that supported over one hundred million unique devices a day processing trillions of events. He blogs and hosts a podcast about Hadoop and related systems at All Things Hadoop and tweets @allthingshadoop