From Big Data to Linked Data: MakingSense of Massive, Highly Connected, Multi-structured Datasets

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Linked Data Analysis is an approach designed to more efficiently and effectively interrogate and analyze highly connected Big Data. Linked Data Analysis leverages graph- style search, algorithms, and visualization to power pattern discovery, pattern matching, and anomaly detection. In this talk we will also discuss some primary use cases for Linked Data Analysis, including cyber incident detection and response


Ely Kahn
Co-founder and VP of Business Development, Sqrrl
Ely Kahn is a co-founder and VP of Business Development for Sqrrl. Previously, Ely served in a variety of positions in the Federal Government, including Director of Cybersecurity at the National Security Staff in White House, Deputy Chief of Staff at the National Protection Programs Directorate in the Department of Homeland Security, and Director of Risk Management and Strategic Innovation in the Transportation Security Administration. Before his service in the Federal Government, Ely was a management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. Ely has a BA from Harvard University and a MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
Adam Fuchs
Chief Technology Officer, Sqrrl
As the ChiefTechnology Officer and co-founder of Sqrrl,Adam Fuchs is responsible for ensuring that Sqrrl is leading the world in Big Data Infrastructure technology. Previously at the National Security Agency, Adam was an innovator and technical director for several database projects, handling some of the world’s largest and most diverse data sets. He is a co-founder of the Apache Accumulo project. Adam has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Washington and has completed extensive graduate-level course work at the University of Maryland.