Program Committee

The Accumulo Summit Program Committee is a group of volunteers whose goal is to select the most interesting Apache Accumulo® content for the Summit.

Aaron Cordova Bio Pic

Aaron Cordova

Cofounder and Chief Technical Officer, Koverse

Aaron Cordova is the original founder of the Accumulo project and led the development through the release of version 1.0. Since then Aaron has helped organizations build big data capabilities around Accumulo and has contributed to growing the Accumulo community, including organizing Accumulo meetups and writing the O’Reilly book on Accumulo with two others. He is currently CTO and co-founder of Koverse Inc. who recently announced a partnership with Cloudera to provide expertise and enhancements around Accumulo.

Drew Farris Bio Pic

Drew Farris

Chief Technologist, Booz Allen Hamilton

Drew Farris is a software developer and technology consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton where he helps his client solve problems related to large scale analytics, distributed computing and machine learning. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and a contributing author to Manning Publications’ “Taming Text” and the Booz Allen Hamilton “Field Guide to Data Science”.

Dan Hood Bio Pic

Dan Hood

Chief Technology Officer, ClearEdge

Dan Hood is the Chief Technology Officer at ClearEdge, where he helps customers develop distributed software for Big Data problems. He has led various efforts that utilize Apache Accumulo and has focused on applications that require real-time user interaction. Dan has a B.S. & M.S. in Computer Science from UMBC where he has gone on to teach a wide range of courses as an adjunct faculty member for over a decade. He has also taught various Big Data courses within the commercial and DoD communities.

Tom Kulish Bio Pic

Tom Kulish

Chief Architect, ClearEdge

Tom Kulish is the Chief Architect at ClearEdge where he helps lead teams developing distributed software for Big Data analytics. Tom has designed and implemented large scale applications that use Accumulo in a multitude of use cases; from large distributed data stores to machine learning analytic repositories. He earned his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Alex Moundalexis Bio Pic

Alex Moundalexis

Troublemaker, Cloudera

Alex Moundalexis (@technmsg) is a software engineer for Cloudera and contributor to Apache Accumulo. Formerly a consultant, Alex spent several years installing and configuring Hadoop clusters across the United States and abroad for a variety of commercial and government customers. Before entering the land of Big Data, Alex spent the better part of ten years wrangling Linux server farms and writing Perl as a contractor to the Department of Defense and Department of Justice. He likes shiny objects.

Donald Miner Bio Pic

Donald Miner

Founding Partner, Miner & Kasch

Donald Miner is founder of the data science firm Miner & Kasch and specializes in large-scale data analysis enterprise architecture and applying machine learning to real-world problems. Donald is author of the O’Reilly book "MapReduce Design Patterns", and the O’Reilly reports “Hadoop with Python” and “What You Need To Know About Hadoop". He has architected and implemented dozens of mission-critical and large-scale data analysis systems within the U.S. Government and Fortune 500 companies. He has applied machine learning techniques to analyze data across several verticals, including financial, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, government intelligence, and entertainment. His PhD is from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where he focused on machine learning and multi-agent systems. He lives in Maryland with his wife and three young sons.

Corey Nolet Bio Pic

Corey Nolet

Senior Software Engineer, Tetra Concepts, LLC

Corey Nolet received his bachelor's degree from UMBC and his master's degree from Johns Hopkins, both in Computer Science. He is currently pursuing a UMBC in the same discipline focusing primarily on machine learning. Corey has worked as a committer on Apache Accumulo since 2013 and has been designing architectures using Accumulo and Hadoop since 2010. As a co-founder of the open-source organization, Calrissian, the maintainers of the Accumulo Recipes project, he has a passion for helping drive the big data community toward more real-time data processing capabilities. His passions also include utilizing machine learning for rapid decision making and tagging of data.

Billie Rinaldi Bio Pic

Billie Rinaldi

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Hortonworks

Billie Rinaldi is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Hortonworks, Inc., currently prototyping new features related to application monitoring and deployment in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Prior to August 2012, Billie engaged in big data science and research at the National Security Agency. Since 2008, she has been providing technical leadership regarding the software that is now Apache Accumulo. Billie is the VP of Apache Accumulo, former Accumulo Project Management Committee Chair, and a member of the Apache Software Foundation. She holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Michael Wall Bio Pic

Michael Wall

Principal Software Engineer, ASRC Federal

Michael Wall began using Accumulo in September 2010, became a committer to the project in 2016 and is the current VP for Apache Accumulo. He is coauthor of "Accumulo - Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices" by O'Reilly Media. Mike holds a BS from the United States Air Force Academy and an ME from Old Dominion University in Operations Research.