Fluo Bitcoin Statistics

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Use Case


Fluo is a premier Accumulo extension just waiting for a killer app. Bitcoin has enough buzz to get people interested in any associated technology. I present my work combining Fluo and Bitcoin to demonstrate how Fluo can optimize maintaining Bitcoin statistics in the face of Bitcoin’s eventually consistent peer-to-peer network. My goal is to use the Bitcoin blockchain mechanics to show how Fluo can optimize a Map/Reduce pipeline that you can extend to optimize your own pipeline.


Jim Klucar
Computational Mathematician, Nyla Technology Solutions

Jim Klucar is a Computational Mathematician for Nyla Technology Solutions. After a dozen years of developing high performance radar processing techniques, in 2010 he switched to developing Hadoop-based data warehouse and analysis systems. Jim has contributed to many open source projects including Apache Accumulo, Mesos and Myriad. Jim holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a MS in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University.