Choosing a Strategy for Accumulo Table Designs

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Design Performance


Knowing how to design a table or a set of tables that fit your application's requirements is one of the most difficult hurdles developers face when starting to work with Apache Accumulo. In this talk we'll review common strategies in table designs and their appropriateness for various types of applications. Attendees will learn how and why to choose the right strategy to avoid problems such as bad performance or inconsistency.


Aaron Cordova
Co-founder and CTO, Koverse
Aaron has built multiple, large-scale, big data systems that are used by the intelligence, defense, finance and healthcare industries. Aaron co-founded Koverse Inc. Prior to that, Aaron spent five years as a researcher for the National Security Agency (NSA) where he developed and deployed into operations dozens of advanced analytical techniques. He is the founder of Apache Accumulo, a scalable and secure data store on top of Apache Hadoop and the author of the recently released O’Reilly book, Accumulo: Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices.