Timely: Scalable Time Series with Security

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Some of the most popular metric visualization tools work really well for smaller deployments, but have issues dealing with large amounts of data. Timely started after an integration of OpenTSDB with Accumulo failed to meet our needs. Timely can be used to gain visibility into the performance of your networks and hardware, your Hadoop cluster and Accumulo database, and your application. In this talk we will cover the current implementation and APIs, security model, deployment models, and our roadmap.


Dave Marion
Principal Software Engineer, Vistronix
Dave Marion is a Principal Software Engineer for Vistronix. He has been working on big data projects since 2010 and prior to that worked as a database engineer on large relational database projects. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and has a BS in Computer Information Systems from University of Maryland University College. He is a PMC member of Apache Accumulo and contributes to several other Apache projects.
Jim Klucar
Principal Software Engineer, Praxis Engineering
Jim Klucar is a Principal Software Engineer for Praxis Engineering. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a MS in Applied and Computational Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University. After a dozen years of developing high performance radar processing techniques, in 2010 he switched to developing Hadoop-based data warehouse and analysis systems. He has contributed to many open source projects including Apache Accumulo, Mesos and Myriad.
Drew Farris
Senior Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton
Drew Farris is a technology consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton who specializes in distributed computing, information retrieval and machine learning. He's a voting member of the Apache Software Foundation, on the Accumulo PMC and works with the Apache Incubator as a mentor for several projects.