Introducing Accumulo Collections: A Practical Accumulo Interface

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Accumulo Collections is a lightweight library that dramatically simplifies development of fast NoSQL applications by encapsulating many powerful, distributed features of Accumulo in the familiar Java Collections interface. Accumulo is a giant sorted map with rich server-side functionality, and our AccumuloSortedMap is a robust java SortedMap implementation that is backed by an Accumulo table. It handles serialization and foreign keys, and provides extensive server-side features like entry timeout, aggregates, filtering, efficient one-to-many mapping, partitioning and sampling. Users can define custom server-side transformations and aggregates with Accumulo iterators.

More information on this project can be found on github at:


Jonathan Wolff
Founder, Director of Engineering, Isentropy LLC

Jonathan is an ex-physicist who operates a consultancy specializing in big data and data science project work. He worked for Bloomberg last year and built their Accumulo File System, which was presented as 2015 Accumulo Summit's keynote speech. He's also done distributed computing project work for Yahoo! in Pig.

Jonathan holds a BA in Physics (Harvard, magna cum laude 2001) and an MS in Mechanical Engineering (Columbia, 2003), and has been avidly programming since the 1980's.