The Once And Future Accumulo: Historical and Future Views of Accumulo's Operational Drivers

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Aaron Cordova and Adam Fuchs (two of Accumulo's founders, active Accumulo Project Management Committee Members and Committers) will explore the past, present and future operational drivers behind Apache Accumulo.


Aaron Cordova
Cofounder and Chief Technical Officer, Koverse
Aaron Cordova is the original founder of the Accumulo project and led the development through the release of version 1.0. Since then Aaron has helped organizations build big data capabilities around Accumulo and has contributed to growing the Accumulo community, including organizing Accumulo meetups and writing the O’Reilly book on Accumulo with two others. He is currently CTO and co-founder of Koverse Inc. who recently announced a partnership with Cloudera to provide expertise and enhancements around Accumulo.
Adam Fuchs
Cofounder and Chief Technical Officer, Sqrrl
As the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Sqrrl, Adam Fuchs is responsible for ensuring that Sqrrl is leading the world in Big Data Infrastructure technology. Previously at the National Security Agency, Adam was an innovator and technical director for several database projects, handling some of the world’s largest and most diverse data sets. He is a co-founder of the Apache Accumulo project. Adam has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Washington and has completed extensive graduate-level course work at the University of Maryland.