Past and Future Threats: Encryption and Security in Accumulo

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The early Accumulo developers made security a core part of Accumulo's codebase. As the open source community around Accumulo continues to thrive, this talk examines the current state of Accumulo's security features. The talk will detail some exciting developments in the upcoming 1.6 release, which include enhancements around encryption at rest and in motion. We will also take a broader look at new use cases suggesting a wider set of threats, and how current and future work addresses those threats.


Michael Allen
Security Architect, Sqrrl
Michael Allen is Sqrrl's security architect. Before joining the team, Michael finished up 9 years working for PGP Corporation (and, post-acquisition, Symantec) in a variety of roles developing encryption software. In addition to encryption systems, Michael has extensive experience working with Java and Java-based web applications. He holds an MS in computer science from UC Santa Cruz, and a BA in Computer Science from Pomona College. When he's not making things up at work, Michael makes things up with other actors performing improvisational theater.