Open Source Graph Analysis and Visualization Powered by Accumulo

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Lumify is a relatively new open source platform for big data analysis and visualization, designed to help organizations derive actionable insights from the large volumes of diverse data flowing through their enterprise. Utilizing popular big data tools like Hadoop, Accumulo, and Storm, it ingests and integrates many kinds of data, from unstructured text documents and structured datasets, to images and video. Several open source analytic tools (including Tika, OpenNLP, CLAVIN, OpenCV, and ElasticSearch) are used to enrich the data, increase its discoverability, and automatically uncover hidden connections. All information is stored in a secure graph database implemented on top of Accumulo to support cell-level security of all data and metadata elements. A modern, browser-based user interface enables analysts to explore and manipulate their data, discovering subtle relationships and drawing critical new insights. In addition to full-text search, geospatial mapping, and multimedia processing, Lumify features a powerful graph visualization supporting sophisticated link analysis and complex knowledge representation. This talk will blend a high-level use case demo with a more technical presentation of Lumify's underpinnings, focusing on its use of Accumulo to implement fine-grained access control of the graph data.


Jeff Kunkle
Director of Research and Development, Altamira Technologies
Jeff is currently the Director of Research and Development at Altamira Technologies, responsible for overseeing the company’s internal research and development investments. He has an MS in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University. As a technologist, he's focused on helping clients build Agile-focused development teams and create big data, web, network, and mobile applications for nearly fifteen years, most of them spent supporting the IC/DoD. His most recent role is as the project lead for Lumify, an open source big data analysis and visualization platform.