Four Orders of Magnitude: Running Large Scale Accumulo Clusters

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Most users of Accumulo start developing applications on a single machine and will to scale to up to four orders of magnitude more machines without having to rewrite. In this talk we describe techniques for designing applications for scale, planning a large scale cluster, tuning the cluster for high speed ingest, dealing with a large amount of data over time, and unique features of Accumulo for taking advantage of up to ten thousand nodes in a single instance. We also include the largest public metrics gathered on Accumulo clusters to date and include a discussion of overcoming practical limits to scaling in the future.


Aaron Cordova
Cofounder and Chief Technical Officer, Koverse
Aaron Cordova is the original founder of the Accumulo project and led the development through the release of version 1.0. Since then Aaron has helped organizations build big data capabilities around Accumulo and has contributed to growing the Accumulo community, including organizing Accumulo meetups and writing the O'Reilly book on Accumulo with two others. He is currently CTO and co-founder of Koverse Inc. who recently announced a partnership with Cloudera to provide expertise and enhancements around Accumulo.