ComputableFacts: a Secure System to Store Documents and Graphs

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Talk Abstract

This 20 minutes talk describes an automated data processing system, ComputableFacts, whose goal is to recover information from unstructured data in a variety of formats (such as Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF documents, emails, web pages, etc.) and convert it into a more usable form. Its key features are : * Security: * Enforce authorizations across multiple access models to the database: batch, interactive and real-time. * Data Engineering: * Extract data and metadata from a variety of sources and file formats; * Provides a uniform representation of all data, regardless of its initial structure or format. * Knowledge Engineering: * Build facts databases manually and/or automatically; * Automatically derive new facts using rules; * Execute complex queries. * Knowledge Dissemination: * Allow users to create alerts; * Allow users to share and comment on documents; * Allow users to create and export query-focused datasets; * Allow users to rate documents. Later, recommend them documents of interest.


Cyrille Savelief

Cyrille SAVELIEF is 34 years old and has worked 5 years as a Data Engineer for FactSet Research Systems Inc where he specialized in assisted and automated facts extractions from analysts research reports and financial statements. In 2011 he co-founded MNCC, a company providing services in Data Engineering & Analytics. During the past 3 years he specialized in applying NLP in the context of exploratory analysis of heterogeneous documents collections.