Accumulo 2016: State of the Union

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This talk will present statistics about the growth of the Accumulo community since the last summit in April of 2015, a look at trends over the past 36 months, and some thoughts about making Accumulo great again.


Michael Wall
Principal Software Engineer, ASRC Federal Vistronix
Michael Wall is a Principal Software Engineer for ASRC Federal Vistronix. He has been working with Apache Accumulo since Sept 2010 and prior to that was involved in all types of development from analytic simulation to a large-scale news aggregation site. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and has a BS from the US Air Force Academy and a ME in Operations Research from Old Dominion University. He is a coauthor of the book "Accumulo: Application Development, Table Design, and Best Practices" and became a PMC member and committer to Apache Accumulo in April of 2016.
Marc Parisi
Software Engineer, Apache Accumulo PMC
Marc Parisi is a Software Engineer, Apache Accumulo Committer, and Apache Accumulo PMC member.