A Tour of Internal Accumulo Testing

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Accumulo includes a remarkable breadth of testing frameworks, which helps to ensure its correctness, performance, robustness, and protection of your vital data. This presentation takes you on a tour from Accumulo's basic unit testing up through performance and scalability testing exercised on running clusters. Learn the extent to which Accumulo is put through its paces before it is released, and get ideas for how you can similarly enhance testing of your own code.


Bill Havanki
Solutions Architect, Cloudera
Bill Havanki is a Solutions Architect for Cloudera focusing on development for Apache Accumulo. He is an Accumulo committer and PMC member. Before coming to Cloudera, Bill worked for fifteen years as a software engineer designing and developing middleware, security, and analytic systems for the Department of Defense. He was born and raised in New Jersey and knows his exits exactly. He currently resides on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland with his wife and two daughters. His hobbies include video games, running poorly, Eastern philosophy, and collecting Transformers… the robot kind.