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Performance Use Case

Talk Abstract

As the volume of data increases utilizing Accumulo as a backend for user applications is very appealing, but care must be taken to ensure service-level agreements are met and system response time is short and consistent. This talk focuses on problems encountered when implementing Accumulo as a backend for a user application and the specific techniques used to counter these issues. This talk covers the following topics:

  • Increasing performance for repeated queries
  • The effects of storage techniques on query response time
  • Provide near instant results when querying large datasets


Zach Radtka

Platform Engineer, Miner & Kasch

Zachary Radtka is a platform engineer at the data science firm Miner & Kasch and has extensive experience creating custom analytics that run on petabyte-scale datasets. Zach is the author of the O'Reilly book Hadoop with Python. Zach is an experienced educator, having instructed collegiate-level computer science classes, professional training classes on Big Data technologies, and public technology tutorials. He has also created production-level analytics for many industries, including US government, financial, healthcare, telecommunications, and retail.