Accumulo Summit Speakers

Accumulo Summit 2014 is proud to announce the following speakers. Additional information can be found on the schedule and talks pages.

Michael Allen

Security Architect, Sqrrl

Michael Allen is Sqrrl's security architect. Before joining the team, Michael finished up 9 years working for PGP Corporation (and, post-acquisition, Symantec) in a variety of roles developing encryption software. In addition to encryption systems, Michael has extensive experience working with Java and Java-based web applications. He holds an MS in computer science from UC Santa Cruz, and a BA in Computer Science from Pomona College. When he's not making things up at work, Michael makes things up with other actors performing improvisational theater.

Aaron Cordova

Cofounder and Chief Technical Officer, Koverse

Aaron Cordova is the original founder of the Accumulo project and led the development through the release of version 1.0. Since then Aaron has helped organizations build big data capabilities around Accumulo and has contributed to growing the Accumulo community, including organizing Accumulo meetups and writing the O’Reilly book on Accumulo with two others. He is currently CTO and co-founder of Koverse Inc. who recently announced a partnership with Cloudera to provide expertise and enhancements around Accumulo.

Mike Drob

Software Engineer, Cloudera

Mike Drob is an Apache Accumulo committer and Software Engineer for Cloudera. He is passionate about robust ops tooling and community involvement in open source. While not coding, Mike enjoys comic books, Ultimate, and exploring the neighborhoods around his home in Baltimore.

Ara Ebrahimi

Senior Software Architect, Argyle Data

Ara Ebrahimi is Sr Software Architect at Argyle Data. In recent years he has focused on Hadoop and NoSQL databases. He's also the founder of XDoclet open source project and co-author of Java Open Source Programming.

Oren Efraty

Software Engineer, Pivotal

Oren Efraty is a Software Engineer at Pivotal. Oren's work is primarily focused on Pivotal Extension Framework, a framework for reading data stored within Hadoop Ecosystem. Prior to joining Pivotal, Oren was a Software Engineer at VMware, where he worked on performance management of large scale virtualized environments.

Josh Elser

Member of Technical Staff, Hortonworks

Josh has been an Apache Accumulo Committer and PMC for ~2 years and has been actively using it for about as long. He enjoys working on distributed system problems and is an open source proponent. He is currently employed by Hortonworks and has a degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Vijay Gadepally

Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Vijay Gadepally is a member of the technical staff at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory in the Computing and Analytics team. Vijay’s research is in the area of high performance computing, big data systems, analytics, and advanced database technologies. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University and a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Vijay has also worked at Raytheon Company and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Bill Havanki

Solutions Architect, Cloudera

Bill Havanki is a Solutions Architect for Cloudera focusing on development for Apache Accumulo. He is an Accumulo committer and PMC member. Before coming to Cloudera, Bill worked for fifteen years as a software engineer designing and developing middleware, security, and analytic systems for the Department of Defense. He was born and raised in New Jersey and knows his exits exactly. He currently resides on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland with his wife and two daughters. His hobbies include video games, running poorly, Eastern philosophy, and collecting Transformers… the robot kind.

Jeff Kunkle

Director of Research and Development, Altamira Technologies

Jeff is currently the Director of Research and Development at Altamira Technologies, responsible for overseeing the company’s internal research and development investments. He has an MS in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University. As a technologist, he's focused on helping clients build Agile-focused development teams and create big data, web, network, and mobile applications for nearly fifteen years, most of them spent supporting the IC/DoD. His most recent role is as the project lead for Lumify, an open source big data analysis and visualization platform.

Rod Moten

Chief Scientist, PROARC

Dr. Rod Moten is the Chief Scientist of the Maryland-based startup PROARC, Inc. In his current position, Dr. Moten provides SETA services to the Army Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate (I2WD) at Aberdeen Proving Grounds as well as conducts original research in semantic technologies. Dr. Moten's research seeks to improve the interoperability of applications by using interchange languages that can support automatic resolution of semantic heterogeneity. Dr. Moten holds a PhD in computer science from Cornell University and has over 15 years of experience as a professor, trainer, developer, architect, tech lead, and scrum master in academia, finance, and DoD.

Ravi Mutyala

Systems Architect, Hortonworks

I have been working for the last 4 years architecting the future of BigData and helping customers define their BigData strategies using Hadoop and the Hadoop ecosystem products. I have a passion for architecting and designing highly scalable, reusable, extensible and easily maintainable solutions. This has lead me to have hands on experience in setting up, configuring, tuning and migrating large Hadoop clusters (some that go past a few thousand nodes) and solving a wide range of problems. My accumulo experience starting an year ago managing a large accumulo cluster in healthcare industry.

Arshak Navruzyan

VP of Product Management, Argyle Data

Arshak Navruzyan is VP of Product Management at Argyle Data focused on petabyte-scale risk applications using machine learning and the Hadoop stack. Previously Arshak held senior technology and product management roles at Alpine Data Labs, Endeca and Oracle.

Zach Radtka

Senior Software Engineer, ClearEdge IT Solutions

Zachary Radtka is a Software Engineer for ClearEdge IT Solutions and an Adjunct Professor at UMBC. He graduated from Johns Hopkins in 2008 with a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Over the past few years he has focused on Big Data analytics, primarily through the use of Hadoop and other open source software.

Billie Rinaldi

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Hortonworks

Billie Rinaldi is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Hortonworks, Inc., currently prototyping new features related to application monitoring and deployment in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Prior to August 2012, Billie engaged in big data science and research at the National Security Agency. Since 2008, she has been providing technical leadership regarding the software that is now Apache Accumulo. Billie is the VP of Apache Accumulo, the Accumulo Project Management Committee Chair, and a member of the Apache Software Foundation. She holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Sapan “Soup” Shah

Lead Engineer, 42six Solutions

Soup is a Lead Engineer with 42Six solutions. Over the past 2 years with 42Six, Soup has worked on a set of solutions which have involved indexing various types of data into Accumulo. Besides working with Accumulo Soup also works with MapReduce, HBase, Thrift, Zookeeper, and Protocol Buffers to produce custom cloud solutions for 42Six's customer base.

Prior to joining 42six, Soup was a engineer with Google in Mountain View, California. While out there he had the opportunity to work with cutting edge cloud technologies including Google's BigTable implementation, GFS, and MapReduce implementation.

Keith Turner

Peterson Technologies

Keith has been working on making Accumulo awesome since 2008. Before working on the infrastructure for data mining, he was doing it. Keith has a MS in Computer Science from Purdue and BS from U of Louisiana Lafayette.

John Vines

Founding Engineer at Sqrrl

John Vines has been working on Accumulo and in the big data space for 5 years. Since Sqrrl was founded he has been working on building an application on top of Accumulo while continuing development of the project. In his spare time he enjoys games of all varieties and kitchen geekery.

Ryan Webb

Associate Professional Staff, JHU APL

Ryan is an Associate Professional Staff at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics. He is currently taking courses for his Masters degree in Computer Science from the Whiting School of Engineering. His work involves every aspect of distributed computing from event processing to map reduce.